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Liverpool at the window: worth seeing again? –

I know the download window has not yet opened. I also know that the race for reinforcements is starting now. And I was one of the first to say that the market is inflated, and every trading tends to be more complicated from now on.

But I and all of Liverpool’s huge fans know that we’ve always had chronic difficulties working well in the windows. And it looks like we’ve started this one, that promises so much, with the left foot. We have several novels rolling, without a happy ending in any of them.

You could write a book to talk about the Reds’ fumbling action to bring Southampton quarterback Van Dijk. Disputed by many great European clubs, the defender is worth gold. And is it not that the Saints accused us of enticing the player illegally, because of Klopp’s own messages to the hairy beak? In Europe, laws are enforced and things work. And we had to pathetically apologize publicly to the South England team and officially withdraw from the auction. Pathetic but necessary. After all, taking a heavy fine by the chest or a hanging in the window was not in the plans.

Another novel worthy of Benedito Ruy Barbosa that is rolling is on the Egyptian Salah of Rome. There are so many rumors with so many different values that I do not know what to think. The African can be worth 35 million to 55 million euros in that day! The world knows we’re wanting the guy. Is it so difficult to sit down and close a value? We know that in the end, we will pay much more than the attacker of Rome is worth … Read more

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